How Do You Write a Journal?

How Do You Write a Journal?

To write a journal, select the right journal, take your journal everywhere, write your entries by hand and make a table of contents. Do not pay too much attention to grammar and spelling because you develop and edit your ideas later.

  1. Select the right journal

    Choose a journal that is comfortable to carry with you, and that inspires you to write. Although a precious journal is a good choice, do not buy something that you are afraid to lose. Your options include hardcover books, notebooks or handmade journals.

  2. Take your journal wherever you go

    Carry your journal with you so that you can write immediately when you get inspiration. Record your reactions to world events and personal situations, goals, poetry, inspirational quotes and all other thoughts and ideas as they come to you. Write on any material you can find including sales receipts or a napkin if you forget your journal.

  3. Write your entries by hand

    Writing your journal by hand allows you to be spontaneous. Your handwriting may also reveal clues to your emotional state at the time of writing. Although journal software programs are good, it is easy to focus on editing you work rather than simply writing your thoughts.

  4. Make a table of contents

    Leave a few blank pages at the beginning of the journal for a table of contents. Complete the table as you go along. This makes it easier to locate your ideas in future.