How Do You Write a Job Rejection Letter?


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Write a job rejection letter by thanking the job candidate for his participation in the interview process. Before you send an official rejection letter, contact the applicant by phone to let him know you hired another candidate, and offer feedback as needed.

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In the opening paragraph, inform the applicant that another candidate has been chosen for the job. Use the paragraph after this to praise the applicant as an exceptional candidate and express your hope that he might apply for future jobs at your company. Assure him that future applications are likely to be taken very seriously and that the decision to hire another candidate was not easy for you or any other hiring committee members.

The penultimate paragraph should thank the candidate again for his application and express happiness at meeting the candidate. Use this paragraph to ensure the candidate he has a lot to offer his future employers.

Use the final paragraph to express good wishes to the candidate in his future job hunting and to thank him for his interest in your organization. Overall, everything within the job rejection letter should be professional and courteous because this rejected candidate's impression of your company may spread and impact how others view your organization.

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