How to Write an Initiative?

In order for a citizen to write an initiative, he or she should begin by deciding the terms and proposal of the initiative while compiling all of the terms in a written form that makes sense, he or she should then obtain the required amount of signatures and begin the process of submitting the initiative. Since each state has different requirements for submitting an initiative, it is important that citizens understand the process for their particular state.

An initiative is a process by which citizens can propose their own statutes and constitutional amendments. This process allows citizens to bypass the lengthy requirements that are associated with legislature and gives the opportunity for creation of the proposal. In nearly every state that has an initiative process, the person writing the initiative must first have a petition with a certain number of signatures before the initiative is even considered. Some states that have the indirect initiative process will allow their citizens to submit an initiative to legislature, where it will be decided upon. It may be placed on a ballot and legislature has the right to place an opposing proposal on the ballot if they choose that they are going to go in the opposite direction of the initiative proposal.