How Do You Write Helpful Product Reviews?


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Write helpful product reviews by including relevant details, being honest on pros and cons and including other users’ reviews. Customers looking to buy products use reviews to make purchasing decisions. The quality of the review determines whether the customer buys the product or looks for an alternative.

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Readers only want information about the product or service at hand, so stick to relevant details and be precise with your word choices. Focus solely on the review, whether it is a complaint or a compliment. Trim out useless facts, and only bring out the main points. For instance, if you are reviewing a cosmetic product, don’t go into details of how your car broke down on the way to the shop.

Every useful review should cover pros and cons. There is no perfect product, so avoid trying to portray a product as flawless, as it does not help other consumers to lie to them. Additionally, don’t mention everything; just highlight the cons that affect the usability of the product.

Unless it is a new product, it should already have some existing reviews. The reviews posted by previous users can be helpful to your review, as well. If previous users have left credible reviews, consider the information they offer as part of your review.

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