How Do You Write a Great Thesis Statement?

How Do You Write a Great Thesis Statement?

Write a great thesis statement by making the statement specific, ensuring that you have answered the question and taken a position that other people can challenge. The goal of this statement is to form a clear thesis that guides the reader through your position on an issue.

  1. Brainstorm answers to the question

    If your instructor provides you with a question, write down a few answers. Determine which one you are best able to support with facts, and write down three or four of these supporting facts. If you are given a statement, change it to a question to make the brainstorming process easier.

  2. Make the thesis specific

    Determine the relationship between your three supporting facts. This becomes the basis for your thesis statement. Do not use the thesis statement for background or additional information. Avoid making generalizations and using vague words.

  3. Make sure your position is clear

    When you are formulating a thesis of your position on the issue, ask yourself "why?" Determine the importance of your position, but ensure that your take on the issue is more than just a fact. Think of the thesis statement as your claim. Try using a subordinating conjunction, such as although or because, to start the thesis.