How Do You Write a Graduation Letter for Your Son?

write-graduation-letter-son Credit: Tetra Images/Tetra images/Getty Images

To write the graduation letter, think of the lasting advice to give the senior and how to best express it. A graduation letter is letter that a person writes to a graduating senior, in this case a father to a son, that typically includes post-graduation advice.

As with any writing, the first step is to make an outline. Make note of types of advice to include, such as handling money or navigating college life, according to a sample letter on Psych Central. List why the advice is important and, if possible, include an anecdote, proverb or movie quote that supports the advice.

Next, think about how much emotion to add to the letter. Boys generally dislike gushy letters from their parents, but they treasure a letter with heartfelt sentiments. Consider song lyrics or a catch phrase that has meaning for both father and son.

Draft the letter in its entirety and set it aside. The father may feel emotional as he is writing, yet the letter should be a polished piece of work. Reread the letter a few days or even weeks later to see if it contains a lasting message. Change any wording that sounds awkward or overly sentimental.

Finally, choose appropriate stationery and write the final copy. A printed letter is often not as meaningful as a handwritten letter. Consider rolling it up like a graduation scroll or otherwise presenting it with pomp and circumstance.