How Do You Write a Goodbye Letter?

How Do You Write a Goodbye Letter?

To write a goodbye letter, start with a friendly tone that shows gratitude for the person/institution you are leaving. Make sure to describe why you are going. It is imperative that it is friendly, understandable, grateful and informative.

  1. Start with a friendly greeting

    This may be something that they read over again or keep and read back many times, so it is important that you start off the letter with something that positively reflects your relationship with them. Examples are “Dear Friend”, “Mother” or “To My Good Friend”.

  2. Be reminiscent and grateful

    As they may keep this for prosperity or as a reminder of their relationship with you, use the letter to remind them of great times you had with them while being grateful for any positive benefit they had while you were with them.

  3. Sign off formally and positively

    The sign off and tone of the ending of the goodbye letter is what they will remember concerning you and their relationship with you. Make sure to let them know why you are leaving and why it is a good thing. Also, if it applies, let them know how it will be good for them as well. Lastly, sign off with a positive, formal signature such as “Always Yours”, “Your Good Friend” or “Thanks Again”.