How Do You Write a Good Research Paper?


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Write a good research paper by planning carefully, developing a strong thesis, writing in stages and proofreading well. Keeping notes, research and drafts carefully organized throughout the process helps to ensure a well written and concise paper.

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Begin by planning carefully. This includes choosing a topic and researching that topic thoroughly. Pick a question that can be answered. "How" and "why" questions generally make good starting points for research papers and thesis statements.

Make the thesis statement and the arguments surrounding it strong and sound. Ample research to back up the thesis gives it strength. Providing evidence that supports the thesis in a clear, concise manner is fundamental to a good research paper. In-depth research, including background knowledge, is essential to developing a paper that answers the question raised by the thesis and gives solid evidence to back up the answer.

Start the writing process by making an outline or compiling data in order. Then, write a first draft. Get all the ideas for the research paper out and in one place. Rewrite this draft to make those ideas flow together in a way that makes logical connections between the ideas and evidence. Continue to rewrite until the research paper is solidly written and proves the thesis statement.

Once the paper is in its final stage, proofread it carefully. Look for spelling and grammar errors. Ensure the paper flows when read. Try reading it aloud to see how it sounds. Have someone else read the paper to look for errors. Finally, write the final draft.

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