How Do You Write a Good Impact Statement?


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Write a good impact statement by ensuring to include a description of the problem, an action statement, a description of its effect and a list or mention of who is responsible. A good impact statement needs to outline the problem; it clearly defines the necessity for intervention. It must assertively state the needs to be addressed, as well as why the situation being rectified is a problem.

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When providing the action statement, clearly summarize what was done, the key elements of the intervention, its target audience and the resources expended in the process. When describing the impact, provide a clear idea of the payoff economically, socially and environmentally. Specifically, the statement should include explicit sums of money saved, the skills and knowledge gained from the endeavor, any behavioral changes observed, policy changes and the end results.

This structured description of the effect helps break down the impact of the intervention and makes it sound more practical. Once this is done, conclude the statement by recognizing the stakeholders and contributors; in short, explain the problem, the intervention that was implemented and the accomplishments that were realized.

Other than these critical facets, an effective impact statement concludes by listing the people involved in the action and the name and contact information of the author of the statement. Be sure to make the statement concise and memorable.

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