How Do You Write a Good Character Letter for Court?

To write a good character letter for court, begin making a list of positive traits the subject of the letter possesses. Begin the letter by addressing it to the court or by using the formal introduction, "To Whom It May Concern."

Introduce yourself and describe your relationship with the subject, including how long you have known the person, in the first paragraph. Using the list, choose four or five traits that relate to the situation and do not seem contradictory to any impending legal problems. For example, if it is a custody issue, relate traits and experiences you have witnessed that show the subject's competency as a parent.

In the following paragraphs, describe these traits but do not give an opinion about the case or situation. Be clear, concise and objective when relating each trait. Support each trait with a relevant example. Try to keep the reference to one page, and make it easy to understand. Add your personal contact information in the last paragraph along with your availability for any future consultation. Add a signature line, and print your full name underneath with the date the letter was printed.

Have an objective person read the letter to check for clarity and needed edits. Make necessary changes, and then print the letter on a personal letterhead unless otherwise directed by the attorney. Check with the court or attorney to see if there are any other forms that are needed to submit the letter. If the letter is used as an affidavit, it needs a third-party witness.