How Do You Write a Good Challenging Question?


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To write a good challenging question, adequate time for preparation is necessary. Questions created in the moment of a classroom setting can lack the necessary depth needed to spur learning.

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Questions prepared ahead of time allow the instructor to gauge when it is the best time to ask questions. Because students learn at their own individual paces, how a question is asked helps define its ability to make students think. One method for increasing the challenge of a question is by offering it at the beginning of class and then waiting before collecting the answer. This gives students and the instructor time to discuss important qualities that the question addresses.

Answers to challenging questions can also be discussed as a group. Students are given the opportunity to experience multiple perspectives, which helps promote a more in-depth learning experience. This method of discussion also allows the instructor to guide students in a more direct way. Instructors can then ask the students if they have any questions about the subject matter. Often, students can bring attention to issues of which instructors may not have been aware. This level of open communication helps keep students engaged in studies and promotes a more challenging classroom environment.

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