How Do You Write a Formal Business Email?


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Business emails should include a very clear subject line, a formal greeting with the person's title, a focused message in the body and a formal salutation to conclude the letter. The language in the letter needs to be as academic and formal as possible.

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How Do You Write a Formal Business Email?
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To begin a business email, address the recipient with her proper title and name. It is acceptable to use just the recipient's last name or both her first and last name. The more casual way to do this is with a comma after the name, but a more formal approach uses a colon.

After the opening salutation, begin with a clear statement of purpose. The recipient should know very quickly what topic you are addressing. Try to keep the paragraphs as short as possible, and be sure that they stay focused and on-topic.

While there are many options for ending an email, it is often most formal to end your letter with sincerely, a comma, and then your full name on the line below. You may use a less formal closing if you have a strong relationship with the email recipient.

The writing must be well-edited to eliminate any errors. The email should be as formal and proper as possible.

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