How Do You Write an Exclamatory Sentence?


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Write an exclamatory sentence by creating a declarative sentence that has emotion or excitement in it. Exclamatory sentences end in exclamation points and should be used sparingly in business correspondence, which typically requires a reserved, formal communication style.

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Declarative sentences put forth facts or arguments and end with full stops represented by a period. An example of this is "Chris never caught any fish." It is possible to convert such a declarative sentence into an exclamatory sentence by replacing the period at the end with an exclamation point.

Exclamatory sentences are typically used to express strong emotions. For instance, adding an exclamation point to a sentence such as "You were supposed to be home!" helps underscore the anger of the speaker to his audience. Placing an exclamation point at the end of a sentence such as "It's a boy!" helps showcase the joyful emotion that a parent feels towards her newborn child.

In addition to declarative and exclamatory sentences, writers may communicate using imperative and interrogative sentences. An imperative sentence issues a command or a request to the audience and can end in either a period or an exclamation point, so it cannot be transformed into an exclamatory sentence. An interrogative sentence asks a question and must end with a question mark, meaning that it also cannot be transformed to an exclamatory sentence.

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