How Do You Write an Evaluation Report?


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Start the process of writing an evaluation report by gathering any needed information to review what the report must state. Next, consider who the report effects and take note of the points and conclusions that correlate to those people or departments.

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Begin the report with a summary that contains the most important facts about the evaluation. The next section should contain the background or the reason for the evaluation, including recommendations from previous evaluation reports. The next section contains the scope of the evaluation, including what aspects of the company were analyzed and the dates of the evaluation period. Following the scope, list the names and organizations of the people who were integral in the evaluation process. Use the next section to describe the steps taken and resources used to perform the evaluation.

The body of the document contains a section for each evaluation performed, who performed it and the details of the analysis. Follow these sections with a list of recommendations for each evaluation, keeping them easy to understand. Keep the data true to the conclusions as you write the report and do not shape the report to the goals of the stakeholders. If a reference section is needed, cite all resources, organization policies, mission statements and best practices. End the document with an appendix section if the data collected is large enough to warrant it.

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