How Do I Write an Eulogy About My Mother?


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Writing a eulogy can be a difficult and painful exercise, but when the deceased is the mother of the person writing the eulogy, it can also be a cathartic one. Writing a eulogy about one's own mother takes some self-reflection, but it is ultimately a reflection on the life of the deceased rather than the mourners.

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A eulogy is more about the essence of a person or the relationships they had with those they leave behind than it is about the biographical facts of a life. It goes without saying that a child's relationship with a mother is a more intense one than the relationships she had with those in the audience. A child writing a eulogy about her mother should think about what her mother meant during various stages of life, and decide which aspects of their relationship she is willing to share with others. She should think of memories of childhood that illustrate a part of the deceased mother's character or show a part of her that only a child would see. A child writing a eulogy about her mother should write down all of her ideas before coming up with an outline that covers between 5 and 10 minutes of speaking.

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