How Do You Write an Essay on Summer Vacations for Kids?


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Many approaches exist for writing a sparkling summer vacation essay. About.com suggests filling your piece with aspects that make your experience different from everyone else's vacation.

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How Do You Write an Essay on Summer Vacations for Kids?
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  1. Jot down memories of your summer

    Start with listing all the different activities you did during the summer. List both the mundane and the exciting experiences. Generate a stack of possibilities to choose from for the essay topic.

  2. Look from an outsider's perspective

    After you brainstorm a list of experiences, take a step back and view the list from an outsider's perspective. Decide which experiences seem intriguing or amusing to someone who didn't experience them. Step beside yourself to examine the list of possible choices.

  3. Write the essay

    Draft the essay. Be selective about which details you include about your summer. Resist the temptation to fill your composition with a day-by-day account of the whole summer. Pick the most intriguing details, even if they don't involve going someplace exotic.

  4. Use your imagination

    Feel free to embellish your ordinary experience with a little imagination. Enliven your prose and your experience with fun details about places, things or characters you encountered on your adventure. Add unique wordings and head-turning adjectives to make your essay one to remember.

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