How Do You Write an Essay on Why You Should Become a Nurse?

How Do You Write an Essay on Why You Should Become a Nurse?

Write an essay on why you should become a nurse by telling a story about how you fell in love with nursing, explaining your preparation for the nursing field, striking an appropriate tone and proofreading your essay carefully for any writing errors. The more unique and personal your essay is, the more likely it is to be received well.

  1. Talk about your love for nursing

    Let your passion for nursing come through as you tell a story that explains what got you interested in nursing. Because you are the only one who can tell this specific story, it is all right to be personal.

  2. Explain your preparation for nursing

    Discuss your work experience in the nursing or medical fields, and don't leave out volunteer work. Your answer should show that you understand clearly what it means to be a nurse.

  3. Strike the right tone

    While you want to use a professional tone in your essay, you should also allow yourself to be personal. Let your personality come through in your essay. It's okay to brag just a little, but don't allow the essay to become a recitation of how brilliant you are or a list of accomplishments.

  4. Proofread

    Make sure your essay has no grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. After you have proofread it, ask another person to do the same just to be sure.