How Do You Write an Essay on Recycling?


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Writing an essay on recycling requires you to research the topic and pick a general theme or thesis you'd like to defend. You can then make an outline on the main points you'd like to discuss.

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Spend some time researching different ideas on recycling before you begin writing. Some suggested places to gather information include the Internet and the library. A few common areas in recycling discussed in journals and popular print include recycling in schools and in the workplace. You are likely to find several different arguments for recycling when doing your research. Go with the argument you feel you are most skilled at expressing in words on paper.

This argument or statement you wish to make about recycling is sometimes referred to as a thesis. The next step is to create an outline. Your paper will need several paragraphs of information, each paragraph discussing a different point you'd like to expand upon or defend. Under your paragraph headings you can make subheadings on what may be included in each section.

Then you can finally begin writing. The introductory paragraph should be eye-catching and get the reader's attention. Each paragraph within the body of the paper should begin with topic sentences, supportive statements and facts to justify your position. The conclusion should effectively summarize the points you have made in each paragraph and provide further suggestions for how to address the issue. The final step is to proofread, using spelling and grammar check software if it is available.

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