How Do You Write an Essay on Prevention Is Better Than Cure?

An essay arguing that prevention is better than cure should start with a strong thesis statement, be researched fully with supporting references and have a strong conclusion. Gathering the information and drafting an outline is a good way to organize thoughts prior to writing the final paper.

The medical community has been taught to cure the disease rather than putting emphasis on preventing it in the first place. According to the World Health Organization, taking steps to prevent a disease from developing in the first place may lead to earlier diagnoses, resulting in earlier treatment and potentially a better survival rate. Following a few guidelines will help a person write a persuasive paper on why prevention is better than cure.

  1. State the thesis
  2. The thesis for this paper is simply "Prevention is better than cure." The first paragraph is an introduction of the thesis.

  3. Compile research
  4. Spend time gathering research about the topic. Make notes, keeping them organized by source. The source will be noted in the paper as a reference.

  5. Make an outline
  6. An outline helps to organize the writer's thoughts and the content of the essay. Once the outline is written, use that guideline to draft the essay.

  7. Edit the draft and write the final copy
  8. Read through the essay draft and make any necessary changes. After all the changes have been made, rewrite the essay and include all applicable references for footnotes and the bibliography.