How Do I Write on Essay on the Pitfalls of Greed?


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To write an essay on the pitfalls of greed, introduce the essay's topic, present information that explains greed's pitfalls, and summarize the topic and the information presented. A common essay format includes five paragraphs: an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

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The introduction tells the reader what to expect from the essay. Hook the reader by opening the introduction with a quotation about greed. Numerous websites have databases of quotes that writers can search by keyword. Follow the quote with a thesis statement noting that greed has pitfalls, and follow the thesis statement with three sentences describing what each of the three body paragraphs is going to explain. Then restate the thesis statement in a way that connects the body information to the statement.

Each body paragraph should contain a single idea. In this example, the body paragraphs might explain three specific pitfalls of greed, listed in order of importance, such as suffering the consequences of extreme actions taken in pursuit of acquiring more than one needs, robbing oneself of the joy that results from sharing and alienation from friends and family due to the greedy person putting the accumulation of wealth above personal relationships.

The conclusions ties together the introductory and body paragraphs. Begin by summarizing the information given in the body paragraphs, and then restate the thesis statement.

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