How Do You Write an Essay for Mother's Day?

How Do You Write an Essay for Mother's Day?

To write an essay for Mother's Day, research the topic. Brainstorm things that are special about your own mother, make an outline, and write and edit the essay. A computer with an Internet connection is helpful. An essay can be completed in an hour or two.

  1. Research and brainstorm

    Spend some time researching Mother's Day. Read about the history of the holiday and what it means to different people. Try to find out everything you can about Mother's Day. Then think about what is special about your own mother. Jot down some notes about her unique characteristics and special things you've done together.

  2. Outline the essay

    Think of three or four major topics to address. These can include the meaning of the holiday, how it is celebrated in various cultures and what it means to you personally. Create a thesis, which is a clear idea around which to write the essay. Each major topic becomes a subheading in the essay. Add several bullet points under each of the major topics for supporting information.

  3. Write and edit the essay

    Write an introduction that focuses on the thesis and outlines the points to be made. Write the body of the essay, using the outline. Create a paragraph for each supporting bullet point under the major topics. Write a conclusion that restates the thesis and summarizes how the thesis is supported. Think of an interesting way to end the piece, perhaps using a relevant quote from a famous person. Review your work by proofreading carefully.