How Do You Write an Essay on Human Growth Development?

The most effective way to write an essay on human growth development is to gather information, make an outline of the paper, write a first draft and make necessary edits before writing a final draft. Spreading this writing process out over several days allows for new perspectives to develop and increases the likelihood of writing a quality paper.

  1. Research and gather information

    Find several different sources of information on human growth development. The Internet is a great source for this information, but make sure your sources are trustworthy. You can also check with libraries in the area, as they may have books on the topic. Once you have your sources, read through and see what specific information you want to use for your essay. Make sure all sources are legitimate, as you have to cite them.

  2. Create the first draft

    Begin by creating a thesis statement. The thesis statement usually goes at the end of the first paragraph and explains the point of the essay to readers. Create an outline of the points covered in each paragraph of the essay. Write out the essay using the thesis statement and outline as guides.

  3. Write the final draft

    Read the first draft slowly and look for areas in the essay that could be improved. Certain sections may need to be edited or even removed entirely. Note any necessary edits on your first draft. After editing, write the final draft using these corrections.