How Do You Write an Elementary-Level Book Report?


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To write an elementary level book report, first choose a book that follows the teacher's criteria. Follow any other criteria about formatting or writing style, as determined by the teacher. Once the book is completed, write an outline that includes the beginning, middle and end of the book with a few short sentences describing each. Include enough information to form at least five paragraphs for the report.

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Start a rough draft that starts with an introduction about the book, what made you choose the book and what you expected from the story. Include three body paragraphs. The first discusses the beginning of the book, with the second covering the middle and the third covering the end. Be sure to use grammar that is appropriate to the grade level, including adjectives, compound sentences and conjunctions.

Finish the rough draft with at least three sentences discussing how the book made you feel and what the story meant to you. Review the rough draft, checking for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask a parent or teacher to read the rough draft and mark any places where you need to make changes or corrections. Rewrite the report, making all the changes needed and following the guidelines provided by your teacher. Check the report again to ensure it is all correct.

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