How Do You Write a Dissertation?

How Do You Write a Dissertation?

Write a dissertation by choosing a topic, writing a detailed proposal, researching the topic, submitting the proposal to a graduate committee and composing the essay. Each step should be broken down into manageable tasks, and consistent communication with an adviser during all phases is important.

  1. Select a topic, and write a proposal

    A good dissertation proposal addresses a single identifiable problem or issue and answers questions about why it's important and where answers can be found. Consult with peers, advisers and members of the dissertation committee to find examples of other proposals.

  2. Do the research

    Use a wide variety of books, articles and other sources during the research process because the quality of the materials used reflects the accuracy and relevance of the proposal. During the research process, it's not unusual for students to modify the proposal as new information is gathered.

  3. Submit the proposal

    Once the proposal is complete, a committee responsible for approving the dissertation proposal meets with the student to review the material. The committee may accept it as is or make recommendations for revisions.

  4. Write the paper

    Writing the dissertation is a lengthy project, and it's necessary to be focused, organized and methodical during this process. Make consistent progress by setting aside time to write every day, and avoid procrastinating by providing incentives that reinforce writing. Understand and accept that the process takes time and requires patience and extensive editing and revising.