How Do You Write and Deliver a High School Graduation Speech?

How Do You Write and Deliver a High School Graduation Speech?

Writing a high school graduation speech involves picking a theme, including examples and quotes, sharing memories and editing for length. Practice helps prepare to deliver the speech confidently and smoothly.

A high school speech usually has an overall message or theme, such as friendship, facing challenges, life decisions, making an impact or tributes to people. The message should be relevant to the graduates while also keeping the family members and teachers in mind. The theme directs the overall speech and the specifics included, so it's important to have a theme in mind before writing the speech.

An outline helps establish the flow of the speech. A graduation speech should have an introduction, body and a conclusion that wraps up the message of the speech. Once the graduation speaker knows the key points, he can fill in the details of the speech.

Rehearsing the graduation speech allows the speaker to get comfortable with the material so the speech sounds natural. Note cards with key points help the speaker stay on track. A practice run with a teacher, parent or friend is a way to get feedback on the content and make any changes to improve the speech. The trial run is also a way to time the speech to make sure it's not too short or too long.

During the actual speech, it's important to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can understand. It's tempting to rush when nervous, so relaxation techniques before speaking can help.