How Do You Write a Debate Outline?

How Do You Write a Debate Outline?

When writing a debate outline, create sections to introduce the problem, identify the possible point of view of the opposite side, bring up counterattack points and questions to present to the opposite side, come up with answers to the other side's possible questions and make final statements to conclude the debate. Using a debate outline helps the debater plan a more effective argument since it exposes points the opposite side might makes and provides opportunities to plan a response against them.

Do the following to write a debate outline.

  1. Introduce the problem to be argued about
  2. Discuss the severity and impact the issue has on those affected. Explain why the issue is a problem and the stance to be taken. Be sure to be accurate and rely on logic rather for an effective position.

  3. Consider the other side's possible point of view
  4. Think about how the opponent might feel about the issue and which side he or she may take. Think about the logical reasoning for that stance in order to think of some ways to counterattack the opponent.

  5. Come up with a counterattack and questions
  6. Use logic and evidence to show problems with the opponent's position and use the information gathered to ask the opponent questions that will expose the weaknesses in the opponent's position.

  7. Develop answers to opponent's questions
  8. Think of what the opponent might ask about the position taken and come up with evidence-supported answers that show why the stance taken is a valid one.

  9. Write conclusion
  10. Conclude with any additional supporting evidence for the position taken. Summarize the main points made, including support for the position taken and evidence against the opponent's position.