How Do You Write a Critique Essay?

How Do You Write a Critique Essay?

Write a critique essay by describing the work and its creator, summarizing the work's main ideas, criticizing the creator's presentation, and restating the argument. Despite the negative connotations, a critical essay should examine both what is bad and what is good about the work it analyzes.

Describe the creator and his work in the first paragraph. This allows you to place the author and work in a critical and historical context, which is especially important for readers with little or no prior knowledge of the author or the work. Relevant information for this section includes how many books the author has written, what his reputation is, and what his intended audience was for this particular work.

Summarize the main ideas of the text in the second paragraph. This section should be free of criticism and evaluation and focus only on a concise and informative summary.

Criticize the author's presentation in paragraph three. Factors to consider include the relevancy and accuracy of information in the text, clarity of communicating specialized or technical terms, and whether or not the author achieved his primary purpose in writing this text.

Use paragraph four to discuss what aspects of the work you agree with and what you disagree with. Present evidence from the text to support your arguments and cite other critics when relevant.

Conclude the critique essay in the fifth paragraph by restating the argument and giving an overview of the entire paper without presenting new argumentation for the reader.