How Do You Write a Critical Analysis?

How Do You Write a Critical Analysis?

To write a critical analysis, read the material you are analyzing with a critical eye. Identify factors such as the material's theme or purpose and how well the purpose was accomplished. Next, write an outline, and for the final paper, expand on the ideas in the outline.

  1. Read critically

    Ask yourself questions as you read the material your essay is on. Take notes as necessary, and write a summary of the work. Some issues to consider: is the material's purpose to inform, persuade or entertain? How was the purpose achieved? For instance, if the purpose was to inform, was the material clear, coherent and logical? What are the main ideas of the work?

  2. Write an outline

    Compose an outline that has three parts: factual information about the work, your thesis statement and reaction to the material, and your analysis or interpretation. The factual section includes information such as the material's title and the author's name. The second part summarizes or describes the work and includes your thesis. The third part is the meat of the paper and includes components such as how the work is organized, its style, its effectiveness and its audience.

  3. Elaborate on the outline to write the paper

    Remember that the heart of the paper is the third section where you analyze the work. Avoid phrases such as "I think," and explain if the material has current relevance. Explain its strengths and weaknesses, and use details and evidence to support your analysis.