How Do You Write a Cover Letter With Salary Requirements for a Resume?


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Writing a cover letter that includes salary requirements for a resume should only be done if the hiring manager has requested it to be included. When including salary requirements, always be sure to be clear while keeping the door open for negotiation.

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Including salary requirements in a resume or cover letter is not recommended without specifically being requested to do so. This is because the salary range may be too high, which will cause the hiring manager to not consider the candidate, or too low, which would cause the candidate to lose leverage for the salary packages offered.

  1. Research the position and industry
  2. Before placing a random number down on the cover sheet, research the industry and the position for salary ranges by location. Take into consideration the amount of experience listed when looking at the ranges from low to high to determine the right fit. When listing the salary expectations in the letter, include a short paragraph that states the salary is negotiable based on added benefits.
  3. Formatting the cover letter
  4. Format the cover letter the same way as the resume attached. Keep the cover letter to one page or less with a 12-point font that is easy to read, such as Times New Roman. Use the same identifying information that is found on the resume and address the appropriate person by name and position. 
  5. Send the cover letter
  6. Send the cover letter via e-mail, fax or standard mail, however it was requested by the hiring manager.
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