How Do You Write a Cover Letter for Applying to Housekeeping Jobs?


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When writing a cover letter for a housekeeping job, include a heading with contact information and then use separate paragraphs for discussing the purpose of writing to the company, including key points about skills and experience relevant to the field and closing with an interview request. The cover letter should optimally be just one page and tailed to the specific job listing.

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Do the following to write a cover letter for a housekeeping job.

  1. Include a heading
  2. The heading should be centered at the top of the cover letter and include the applicant's name on the first line, address on the second line and phone and email contact information on the third line.

  3. Explain the reason for sending the letter
  4. Tell the company which job posting is being responded to and then state why the job is the right fit.

  5. Explain experience and skills
  6. Talk about any previous housekeeping experience and job duties relevant to the posting. Bring up strengths such as accuracy, attention to detail and efficiency.

  7. Request an interview
  8. End with a note about any attachments, such as a resume, and then politely request an interview for the housekeeping position.

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