How Do You Write to Your Congressional Representative?

How Do You Write to Your Congressional Representative?

To write to a congressional representative, you must identify the appropriate member of congress to contact, confirm his desired method of communication, create a clear and concise letter and provide personal contact information for a reply.

  1. Identify the appropriate congressional representative

    Locate contact information for a specific congressional representative via the United States House of Representatives congressional search. Navigate your Web browser to the search page, and enter your ZIP code into the search field. Results outline representatives for your district. Click on the name of the representative you wish to contact.

  2. Locating ideal communication methods

    Due to security threats after 9/11, some congressional representatives prefer email communications. Determine how a congressional representative wishes to be written by contacting his office via telephone or reviewing his contact details on his website.

  3. Format address and salutations

    When mailing a hard copy letter, address the congress member as "The Honorable John A. Smith," then continue to add his mailing address. At the beginning of the letter, state "Dear Representative Smith" as the salutation.

  4. State who you are and your purpose for writing

    Immediately after the salutation, identify who you are and the purpose of the letter. Create sentences that are short and to the point. When identifying specific bills or regulations, include its identification numbers. offers a searchable database to retrieve specific bill and amendment identification numbers. Keep the letter under one page. Do not demand a response. At its conclusion, thank the congressman for his time and sign your name, address and phone number.