How Do You Write the Conclusion to an Essay?

How Do You Write the Conclusion to an Essay?

How Do You Write the Conclusion to an Essay?

Write the conclusion of an essay by recapping the paper's main ideas. Then end with a quotation, prediction, thoughts on a related topic or a statement that will have an impact on the reader.

  1. Count the number of words in your essay

    Use your word processor program to find out how many words are in your paper. The higher the word count, the longer your conclusion should be. If your paper is 600 words or less, stick with a conclusion of no more than three sentences.

  2. Summarize the main ideas

    Tie together the essay's main ideas while avoiding fluff and filler.

  3. Choose the essay's final touch

    List the various ways you might want your essay to end. For example, consider a few sentences looking to the future or to the past, a joke, a quotation, a prediction, painting a picture with words, a call to action or an intriguing question. Try a few endings and see which resonates best.

  4. Circle back to the introduction

    Mirror your introduction. If you asked a question in the introduction with the purpose of answering it in the conclusion, remember to do that. If you made a joke or told a story in the introduction, tell a different joke or story in the conclusion that brings the essay full circle.