How Do You Write a College Resume?

How Do You Write a College Resume?

Write a college resume by including an objective, GPA, standardized test scores and any coursework relevant to your intended major. Unlike a professional resume, a college resume focuses more on extracurricular and community-based activities, such as volunteering, rather than work experience.

  1. Choose a format or template

    There are many resume templates available through Microsoft Word or online. Choose one that is clean, well-organized and accommodates all your information on a single page. Fancy fonts and creative designs are generally inappropriate.

  2. Type in your heading

    Make sure to provide your necessary contact information, including your full legal name, home address, phone number and an appropriately formatted email address. Also include the name, address and phone number of your high school, your comprehensive grade point average (GPA), and your SAT or ACT scores.

  3. Write an objective

    Your objective describes what you hope to gain from submitting your resume, and it typically discusses your acceptance into a particular major or program at a specified school. Target your objective to each college you send your resume.

  4. Describe your experience

    List each of your extracurricular activities, community-based activities, volunteer work and internships as separate bullet points. Indicate how long you participated in each activity, where it took place, any special roles you held, and what you did there. Be clear, concise and use action verbs.

  5. List any relevant coursework you have taken

    Provide coursework you've completed that is relevant to the program or major you're applying to. For example, if you are applying as a computer science major and have taken some high school or college classes in that area, you would want to list them.

  6. List awards and honors

    List any awards that you have won along with any academic honors you have earned, and detail when each honor was received. If you received an honor multiple times, list it only once and include dates for each time it was earned.

  7. List references

    Provide the names, relationships, phone numbers and email addresses of references that college staff can contact.