How Do You Write a College Essay?

How Do You Write a College Essay?

To write a college essay, come up with ideas based on the topic given that also reflect aspects of your life and personality. Make the essay unique yet relatable for the authorities who will review it. Make sure to get your work reviewed by at least one other person before submitting it to prevent errors.

  1. Brainstorm

    Spend some time thinking about the topic that you have chosen. Don’t start writing immediately, and have a few options lined up. Having a backup plan is very important in case your ideas dry up halfway through. Think of personal experiences that relate to the topic, and jot them down. Always gather several examples so you have some choice.

  2. Draft an outline

    Sift through the ideas that you have gathered. Find the ones that relate best to the topic, but be sure that the options that you choose reflect your own personality and beliefs. Write an outline of the essay using the conventional structure of an introduction, body and conclusion.

  3. Write the essay

    While writing, keep the work personal, and avoid any clichés. Strive to maintain focus on the topic chosen, and make it vivid by adding facts and examples to catch the reader's imagination. Keep the introduction and conclusion concise.

  4. Proofread

    Review your work when you're done. Correct any grammatical, logical and syntactical errors that you find. Get at least one other person to read the essay and help with proofreading.