How Do You Write a Church Fundraising Letter?


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A church fundraising letter should be personally addressed to members of the church and the community and identify the name of the church, the project that requires funds and the benefits of funding the church community's efforts. The letter should outline the amount of funds required to complete the project, the current amount of funds raised and the timeline for collecting funds.

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A church fundraising letter should indicate how individuals can donate money or time with details about the type of payments accepted such as direct withdrawal, debit or credit card, or personal checks. The church should also detail a breakdown of expenses to show how donated money is used to support the church's community efforts.

Church fundraising is often used to support new construction, repairs to existing buildings and structures, the resurrection of a monument or statue, special events such as picnics or gatherings and to fund special projects such as an outreach program for the homeless in the community. Some churches also raise funds to help with debt, operating expenses and the purchase of new hymnals, pews, flooring or landscaping. Most religious organizations are nonprofit organizations, which enables donors to claim donations on annual taxes when itemizing their expenses.

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