How Do I Write My Child's Letter of Absence From School?

When writing a letter of absence to a child's school, it is important to include several key pieces of information. The letter should include the date the letter is written, the child's name, the teacher's name, the date or dates of absence and the reason for absence. The letter should be signed by the parent.

A letter of absence can be either typed or handwritten. If handwritten, pen should be used so that information in the letter cannot be changed. Depending on the child's school policies, an email may also be acceptable. Because each school has individual policies regarding absences, it is best to check with the child's school for specific letter requirements.

If the child's absence is planned, such as a vacation, a letter of absence should be given to the school in advance. This is also a good opportunity to correspond with the teacher regarding homework. It is important to make sure that the child has every opportunity to complete the schoolwork that he is missing while absent. If the child is going to be absent for more than one week, it is generally a good idea to speak directly to the teacher or the principal regarding the absence.