How Do You Write a Certificate of Appreciation?


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Write a certificate of appreciation by using precise, concise and grateful language, in either casual or business-formal phrases. It is easy to modify existing certificate of appreciation templates in Word processors such as Microsoft Word to make it easier to create custom certificates for individual achievements.

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The exact phrasing on a certificate of achievement depends on the nature of the achievement itself. Some certificates honor overall contributions to an organization and may include phrasing such as "For outstanding service to" followed by the organization name. Similarly, the achievement may recognize an individual's "commitment to a standard of excellence" or "outstanding contribution to" followed by the name of the field to which the person contributed.

Some individuals or organizations prefer to use more formal language on a certificate of appreciation, such as saying that an individual is "hereby honored with the utmost gratitude for selfless service." However, other individuals or organizations embrace a simplified certificate that reads Certificate of Appreciation in the center and beneath it a statement of how it is being awarded to this individual to recognize a valuable contribution. This creates a very simplified form, and all the presenter needs to do after printing it is to sign and date the form before giving it to the recipient. Presenters should choose both presentation style and presentation verbiage to make the recipient feel properly honored for the accomplishments.

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