How Do You Write a Career Goal Essay?


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Begin a career goal essay with an introductory paragraph containing background information on yourself that helps the reader understand how you came to develop the goals you have set. Fill the body of the essay with a clear description of your goals and how you intend to reach them. Conclude with a summary of the information in the introduction and body, making sure to incorporate some sincere emotional phrases that help convey how important your goals are to you.

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When writing the introductory paragraph, consider the audience for your essay. If the audience consists of people you have never met, such as a graduate school admissions committee, write the introduction with the assumption they know very little, if anything, about you. On the other hand, it is acceptable to skip some details if the audience intended already knows you well.

The body of the essay should outline all of your knowledge about what it takes to reach your goals to help convince the reader you are well-educated on the field you are pursing. At the same time, make sure to use language that expresses how passionate and excited you are about your future career. This helps the audience feel your drive and become excited about your prospects along with you. Reinforce this passion when writing the conclusion.

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