How Do You Write Captions?


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The perfect caption can be achieved by writing something that provides context and background information on the image as well as an intriguing reason to read the cover story, look at the photograph again and create a better understand of the written material. Readers always look at photographs first and then the caption beneath the photo, so the caption needs to provide a reason for the reader to revisit the photo or move on to the story instead of looking elsewhere.

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Staying connected with the piece is what happens to readers when the captions for photos are written well. It creates a loop that keeps them interested in the story and draws them back to the photo and the written piece.

To write a good caption, make sure that you write something about the photo that provides new information. It is necessary to provide the reader with additional information that makes the photo more interesting. It must also state the details of the photo, such as the names, dates, places and the significance of the photo to the reader and to the story. Furthermore, the caption must be short enough that the reader will grasp its full meaning quickly without turning away.

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