How Do You Write a Cancellation Letter Using a Template?


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To write a cancellation letter using a template, download the template for use with Microsoft Word or copy/paste the text into a new document, then replace the relevant parts with language that is specific to one's own situation. Important information to include would be the name and address of the individual wanting to cancel a service or contract, as well as any related account or file numbers. The letter should also note the effective date of the cancelled service.

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When writing a cancellation letter, it's important to be polite as the service may be needed again in the future. There are a number of different services a cancellation letter is needed for, as most businesses do request their customers put their wishes to cancel a service in writing.

The letter should include the action that the customer wishes the business to take and whether or not the cancellation takes effect immediately or on a certain date. The customer should also request the business to follow up the request for cancellation by acknowledging to the customer that the business received the request to cancel and confirm the cancellation of the service or contract. The customer should mail the cancellation letter by certified mail in order to ensure the business received the letter on or by its intended delivery date. The cancellation letter template should include a place for the customer to handwrite a signature.

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