How Do You Write a Book Summary?

How Do You Write a Book Summary?

When writing a book summary, there are a number of ways to structure it. The most common and simplest method is to write an opening paragraph, next paragraph, middle paragraph and an ending paragraph. A final comment added at the end is optional.

  1. Write an opening paragraph

    Write a two to three sentence description about the character's circumstances. You can include background information, the current situation or where the story takes place.

  2. Write the next paragraph

    If there is a second lead character, write a short description about this character's circumstances. Emphasize how this character contrasts with the first lead character, and describe the conflict.

  3. Write the middle paragraph

    In two to three sentences, describe the major conflicts or complications that the main character faces.

  4. Write the ending paragraph

    Start this paragraph with a question, something that will make the reader want to read it to find out the answer. For instance, "Will she discover the killer in time before it's too late? Or will she fail and be his next victim?"

  5. Write a final comment

    This step is optional, however you can add a final line to the summary that is a blurb or marketing statement that describes the book and mentions the author in one to two sentences.