How Do You Write a Book Report Summary?


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Write a book report summary by visiting BogglesWorldESL.com, checking out the available book report templates, and filling out the required information for each section or the summary section if this is the only thing required by the instructor. Note that book report summaries vary according to grade level and instructor, so choose a level-appropriate template that contains the sections discussed in class.

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BogglesWorldESL.com a good selection of regular book report templates as well as templates specifically targeted for younger learners. In addition to the full book report templates, chapter summary and argument summary templates are also available for book reports that call for these types of structures.

The basic components of book reports typically include an introduction, story details, a plot summary and the reader evaluation. An introduction serves to provide basic information about a book such as its title, author and other details of interest to a reader. The story details include setting, characters and point of view.

The plot summary focuses on the conflict and how it is resolved. The evaluation portion contains the reader's opinion of the story and the writing or an analysis of the themes and literary devices used in the book. The amount of required detail and the depth of analysis depend on the grade level, so go over the specifications provided by the instructor to tailor-fit the book report summary.

Book reports for nonfiction books call for a summary of the content covered by the book and an evaluation of the author's points of view, presentation method and writing skills.

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