How Do You Write a Book Dedication?

Write a book dedication by deciding on who the dedication is for, what type of dedication it is and the points to get across to the person. Dedications range from funny to sentimental.

  1. Decide who should be the subject of the dedication

    Consider who helped to get the book up and running and who gave the most support during the writing process. The thought to keep in mind is, "This book wouldn't have gotten done without...," and dedicate the book to that specific person. If there is more than one person, narrow it down to the most important, supportive and helpful person.

  2. Pick a type of dedication

    Dedications are either loving, sentimental, funny, or simple and predictable. Consider the individual's personality. Determine if the main goal is to pull at someone's heartstrings, make the person laugh or give a simple and straightforward thank you.

  3. Decide what to tell the person

    Successful books connect dedications with readers by explaining the reasons the author appreciates someone in a way that readers can connect with emotionally. The deeper the descriptive dedication, the greater the emotional connection with potential readers. Longer dedications are more apt to pull readers into reading the rest of the book.