How Do You Write a Book Chapter Summary?


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To write a book chapter summary, consider the settings of the chapter, the characters, the theme and any supporting idea that gives flesh to the theme, such as what the characters do and when, where and why they do it. Take special note of the main idea in the chapter.

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To write a good book chapter summary, pay special attention to the characters in the chapter. Write down the names of the protagonist, antagonist and any other character that influences the main idea of the chapter and identify them. Take note of the theme or the main idea of the chapter. Write notes about what the main character spends time doing throughout the chapter. This information often leads to the main theme of the chapter. For example, it could be anger, vengeance, love, hate or any other theme, depending on the events unfolding in the chapter.

Write down or record relevant ideas that support the main theme of the chapter. Write details about the role the characters in the chapter play and the outcome of the chapter, and present your ideas in a chronological order. Keep the details centered around the main theme of the chapter and write down the feelings of the protagonist and antagonist. Show how their actions solve or do not solve the main conflict or issue of the chapter. Finally, try to explain why the events in the chapter turn out the way they do.

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