How Do I Write a Bonus Letter?

When employers want to reward their employees with a bonus, it becomes necessary to write bonus letters. Bonus letters are used to increase the morale of employees, and they take less than 10 minutes to write.

  1. Address the letter

    An informal address to the employee, such as "Dear Mike," is used in a bonus letter instead of full name or job title.

  2. Write the main point

    The main point should be presented quickly within the first paragraph to prevent any confusion as to what the letter is about.

  3. List reasons for granting the bonus

    The actions of the employee or events that motivated granting of the bonus should be explained to justify the reward. The employee should also be encouraged to engage in similar actions or events in the future.

  4. Explain the impact of employee actions on the company

    A bonus letter should reveal that the employee contributed positively to the performance, growth or competitiveness of the company. This is used to show that the work of the employee is appreciated. The employee should be thanked at this point.

  5. Finish with a formal signature

    The end of a bonus letter involves a formal salutation, such as "Yours sincerely." End the letter by signing and printing your name.