How Do You Write a Biographical Narrative?

How Do You Write a Biographical Narrative?

Biographical narratives require the picking out of discrete instances in a larger personal narrative, their grounding in location and time, and their pacing and description for relatability. Writing a biographical narrative is an extremely personal process which differs from person to person, but it does operate by set rules.

Many biographical narratives follow a set series of steps. These steps help to give the narrative structure and flow.

  1. Introduction
  2. A biographical narrative's opening should allude to the themes and meaning of the upcoming narrative. It should also do the heavy lifting of establishing the background information pertinent to grounding the reader's attention and perceptions in the narrative.

  3. The Body
  4. The body comprises the actual storytelling element of the biographical narrative. It should be concerned with creating an immersive experience for readers while also exploring the particular sensations of the narrator's voice and experience in the moment of the recollection. This is a delicate balance which requires skill and dedication to achieve

  5. Conclusion
  6. The conclusion should explore the import of the experience or experiences recounted. It should derive meaning from those experiences and provide context for what they meant in the milieu of a larger life, a sequence of events and scenes which come together to form a cohesive narrative.