How Do You Write a Bibliography?


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Writing a bibliography requires listing the name of the author, publication title, information regarding the publisher, the date and, in certain circumstances, the date of access to a source. The exact way to write a bibliography depends on the citation style and type of source and formats from the American Psychological Association, Modern Language Association or Chicago Style, as of 2015.

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For example when creating a bibliography for sources with academic journals, writers use "Reference List" as a header for an APA bibliography and arrange all sources in alphabetical order by the last name of the author. The date of publication in parentheses and a period follow the name. After is the name of the publication is the title of the journal in italics, the volume and issue of a journal and the page number. Journals online require a date of access. In MLA style, the date comes after the volume and issue numbers of a journal in parentheses. A colon and the page numbers follow the year, along with the type of publication.

Chicago style encompasses two styles with different corresponding bibliographic formats, notes and bibliography style and author-date style. A paper that uses footnotes or end notes uses a citation style similar to MLA, only without the issue number of the journal article. The author-date system places the date after the name of the author.

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