How Do You Write an Autobiography?


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To write an autobiography, compile the facts about the writer's life in chronological details. Professional biographer Stefani Twyford recommends selecting important events that alter or define the personality, and organize the story around them to give readers insight into the unique subject of the book.

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How Do You Write an Autobiography?
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An autobiography typically includes facts about the time and place of birth of the subject. Unlike biographies, autobiographies are written by the subject of the story, so they give the reader special insight into a character beyond mere facts. These are the insights that make the story interesting, as Targetstudy.com notes. A reader learns who the subject is, what life means to them and what their outlook on the future is. Biographer Stefani Twyford recommends writers take advantage of the special insight autobiography affords, and let readers know the writers' heart and soul. Writers can use various techniques that include wit, humor, tragedy, irony and comedy to embellish their story and transcend the mere facts of their lives.

In conveying their special perspective on their lives, writers may prioritize some defining life events over earlier ones. Defining events may give meaning to prior life events, therefore writers need not tell their stories in strict chronological order.

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