How Do You Write an Autobiographical Essay?

Write an autobiographical essay by forming a thesis statement regarding your life, supporting the thesis with personal details, and editing the essay. There are many ways to write an autobiography, but these directions pertain specifically to writing an autobiographical essay in a five-paragraph essay format.

  1. Form a thesis statement

    Before writing the essay, write down major life events that had a strong impact on your values. Use these notes to form the main thesis of your essay. Take a position with your thesis statement. Use life events from the brainstorming session to support the thesis statement.

  2. Write the opening paragraph

    The opening paragraph should begin with general ideas and become increasingly specific, until it ends with the thesis statement. Introduce the topics of the three body paragraphs in the introductory paragraph.

  3. Write the body paragraphs

    Use the topics decided upon during the brainstorming session to write the body paragraphs. Include personal details from your life to both support the thesis statement and convey your true self in the essay.

  4. Summarize in the final paragraph

    The final paragraph should begin with the thesis statement, reference the body paragraphs and end in a general way.

  5. Edit the essay

    Check the essay for spelling and grammar errors. Read the essay aloud to ensure it flows well. Be sure that you have honestly represented yourself in the essay.