How Do You Write an Artist Statement?


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An artist statement is a basic explanation of an artist's work. It should include information about the artist and her art, such as the reason she makes art, what her inspiration for art is, what her art signifies or represents, what is unique or special about how she makes it and what it means to her. An artist statement should be concise without flowery language and written in first person.

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An artist statement needs to address common questions that people have about the artist's work. It should be written in language that is easily understandable to a general audience. The writer should avoid getting too complicated in the artist statement.

The artist statement can change over time and should be reviewed before different events. It can also include information about the artist's education, past exhibitions or awards, organizations she is a member of and collecting her works appear in or significant sales.

Many artists struggle with writing an artist statement, because they are used to communicating information visually. Artists struggling to write the artist statement should think about how they would describe their work to someone they do not know, what other people have said about the art and what they want to achieve with their art.

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